The Fasthouse’s Kenny Alexander and Sean Collier

Whats to be said about a company built from passion to serve an industry developed by passion? The Fasthouse is woven into the fabric of what makes motocross so great. In each article available from The Fasthouse is made with the core of the sport of motocross embedded in its heart. The Fasthouse is energized and passionate for motorcycles and Motorcycle racing. Located in the heart of SoCal, Kenny Alexander has brought to meaning of motocross to the masses from Valencia, CA to Winnipeg MB. He Knows motocross is about the pure love for the sensation of two wheels churning the dirt and so does Sean Collier. The SoCal kid personifies The Fasthouse way of like and the brand message marches to the beat of Sean’s racing heart. Never before have I had such a great time just chatting moto with a couple moto heads from SoCal but thats the way things go in The Fasthouse, you don’t have you stay long to be part of the family.