Rory Bushfield

Rory Bushfield is one of the best freestyle skiers in the world. In the world of motocross we tend to focus heavily of our own little world and seldom consider which professional athletes might share our passion for two wheel exhilaration. From a young age Rory has pushed his personal limits when it comes to the never ended search for that next adrenaline rush. Motocross, Snowmobiles, Skiing, Flight and even jumping off just about anything into some deep water. Not pure motocross but an extremely interesting conversation.


Rory and BigMx Radio wish the raise awareness of the work done by the Sarah Burke Foundation

The Sarah Burke Foundation is committed to the altruistic ideals embodied by Sarah’s life and her actions. The foundation will preserve Sarah’s goodwill and her actions, by supporting and inspiring current and future generations. All support will allow us to carry on Sarah’s spirit and legacy by supporting others in sport and future generations.

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Sarah Burke Foundation
1 (303) 800-6433
PO Box 1558
Garibaldi Highlands, BCj
V0N 1T0. Canada