MotoConcepts Racing Featuring Mike Genova, Tony Alessi, Mike Alessi and Vince Friese

Since 2008, Mike Genova has owned and over seen operations of MotoConcepts Racing. Fuelled by passion Mike’s efforts have been an uphill battle and he keeps a team running at the top level with no factory help!


Tony Alessi has hand crafted a life long motocross program where he’s seen both of his sons rise to the elite of motocross. His oldest, has excelled greatly as he has been a championship threat near every season of his professional career.


Mike Alessi has been a top flight motocross the Supercross racing all his life and Washougal puts an end to his frustrating 2015. Searching for a full bill of health and a new found fire to compete, Mike looks to enter 2016 better than ever.

Vince Friese is a competitor. Simple as that. If Vince is behind you and he feels he can pass you, the pass will be made.