Chad Watts of Watts Perfections

Since the late 80s Chad Watts has been wrenching on some of the most beautiful and finely tuned motocross bikes this work has ever seen. First working with motocross legends Ryan Hughes and Mike Brown before following Hughes to the then up start Pro Circuit/Peak Antifreeze/Splitfire Kawasaki team. Chad would go on to hone his craft while helping build the legendary status The PC team enjoys today. Demanding perfection from himself it seemed fitting that When Ricky Carmichael entered the pro ranks he could have but only one mechanic to ensure his rise to superstardom was switch is dominating fashion. The first mechanic to earn a perfect season in 2002 that was Chad’s proverbial mic drop. The Following year Chad would return to Shelby North Carolina but he never set his wrenches down. His return marked the beginning of Watts Perfections, a business where Chad Watts offers his world class mechanic skills to you! Anyone can have the skillful hand of Chad Watts working your motocross bike. All you have to do is go to or call 704-538-9990!!

Do yourself a favour and give your machine the right flavour of Watts Sauce!